Sesame Chicken; The Big Blue Test, World Diabetes Day

The Big Blue Test So….. What's that all about? Today is World Diabetes Day. At 1400 (2pm) local time (your time, wherever you are) diabetics the world over are taking part in the Big Blue Test. It's a simple thing:  … Continue reading


Acorn Squash Stuffed with Ham and Quinoa; mysterious highs and lows

In the last 3 weeks, whilst I've been away, V has gone from having mysterious morning lows, an hour after breakfast to having mysterious morning highs, just before lunch. Just to keep things interesting, he then has mysterious afternoon lows. … Continue reading


The Beginning

Eat well to stay well. Stop using foods with preservatives, chemicals, and unpronounceable ingredients. The husband, V, recently discovered he has diabetes. He doesn't need to change a lot in his diet, as we already eat very healthily; but it … Continue reading

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